The Taean Flight Education Center, as an affiliated education organization of Hanseo University,
holds Taean Airfield for the first time in Asia for the purpose of training itself within the university and the airfield has a variety of facilities ranging
from basic Flight Education to Flight Education for professional pilots such as a control tower, a maintenance building, a flight control room, a flight information room,
an air fuel storage facility, a weather monitoring equipment and a dormitory.

The Taean Flight Education Center is faithfully conducting the education for aviation students commissioned from Departments of Flight operation,
Helicopter operation and Aviation and Leisure Industry of Hanseo University in accordance with the requirements of each Department. Also, for the purpose of
expanding the base of the aviation industry in Korea and developing the aviation field, every student applicant from Hanseo University is given an opportunity
of Flight Education while a Flight Education course is established for public. Like that, the Center is making every effort so that more people can realize a dream
of being a pilot, by opening the door of Flight Education which having limited to a minority.